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Revolutionise communication with NetSupport Notify  

Forget the days of battling overflowing inboxes and wondering if your message got lost in the shuffle. Our mass notification, NetSupport Notify, is the go-to solution for schools and businesses that expect reliable and effective communication.

3 reasons our customers love our solution:

  1. Guaranteed delivery: No more missed messages! Deliver messages directly to specific users or groups, ensuring critical information reaches everyone, every time. A customer in the Hospital & Health Care industry commented: “Instead of calling around to each department, we can now send a message out when we are going to conduct a fire drill or restart a server. Saves a bunch of time.”
  1. Perfect for emergencies: Use pre-made templates and hot-key combinations to broadcast clear and concise messages during critical situations – a lifesaver during emergencies. See what a customer working in a State Governmental Agency had to say: “Excellent response to customer needs. Product has been extremely useful in emergency situations.”
  1. Reliable and secure: Don’t let email outages or server issues disrupt your communication – ensure your messages get through even if your email server goes down. A customer working in Government Administration commented about our solution: “Ease of use, open the software, type in your notice, select the users – and off it goes. Invaluable piece of software to keep users informed of important notices or events.”

Cut through the noise 

Ensure your message gets seen, heard and acted upon – NetSupport offers a powerful communication solution that keeps everyone informed, engaged and prepared. No wonder it’s become a favorite among our customers around the world.