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NetSupport’s IT management solutions for schools are constantly being updated with new features and enhancements, ensuring they meet today’s and tomorrow’s edtech challenges and opportunities. Watch our short videos to see the latest updates and core features within each of our education toolkits.

Part 1 – Network and IT Management

Network Managers gain a wealth of network and IT management features in NetSupport DNA to effectively track, monitor and manage IT assets and endpoints across a school or Trust/District – from one central point. Not only does it help provide secure, fast and flexible management of a school’s IT infrastructure, but it also saves time and helps identify cost savings.

Learn about its core features in our short video: Hardware inventory – Auto discovery – Software inventory/ licence management – Application metering – Software distribution – Internet metering – Print usage – Energy monitoring – School alerting – Activity monitoring – Remote control – Endpoint security – and much more!

Part 2 – eSafety and Safeguarding

A safeguarding toolkit is provided within our network and IT management solution (NetSupport DNA) that provides a range of proactive and reactive tools to help schools identify students at risk, prevent them being exposed to inappropriate online content, enforce acceptable use policies and fulfill their safeguarding duties – all in line with Government guidance.

Learn about its core features in our short video: Keyword and phrase monitoring – Word Cloud – Contextual intelligence-based Risk Index – Student ‘Report a concern’ – Online support resources – and more!

Part 3 – Classroom Management

Delivering tools that allow for assessment, interaction and engagement within today’s and tomorrow’s digital classroom, NetSupport School (included in NetSupport DNA and also available as a standalone solution) is developed with best practice in mind and provides a range of content formats, encourages interaction and monitors students’ PCs to help improve focus and attainment.

Learn about its features in our short video: Multi-platform support – Teacher toolbar – Lock and block – Messaging and chatting – Internet metering – Launching websites /applications – Print control – USB control – Show teacher/ student screens – Language lab – Handout / collect work – Assessment tools – Student journal – Keyboard monitoring – Student toolbar – TA apps – Tech console – plus much more!

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