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2023 Online Safety Guide

Check out our 2023 online safety guide

With technology and the internet being part of everyday life, online safety is key.

A young person’s online world may consist of social, chat forums, online games, websites and more, all of which can be accessed via laptops, mobile phones and tablets. This makes them incredibly accessible, 24/7, and opens them up to new online risks, from grooming, cyberbullying and radicalisation, to sexting and more – meaning that it’s more important than ever to educate young people about these threats, how to be a good digital citizen and how to keep themselves safe online.


Schools and parents working together

The internet is ever present, so that means online safety issues do not simply start and stop at the school gate or within the home; the risks extend across both locations and beyond. Therefore, to successfully protect students from online dangers, a joined-up approach with schools and parents/carers working together is best.

To help schools navigate through the rapidly changing world of online safety, we have created a FREE guide which helps highlights the key trends, how this impacts students and the best approaches for identifying and supporting vulnerable students.

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Technology is becoming more and more important in education, meaning we must constantly adapt our attitudes and actions around online safety. So, what are the latest trends to be aware of? What can schools be doing to go above and beyond? 

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