A bundle of new features has been added to NetSupport DNA, the Network and IT Asset Management solution with built-in Safeguarding, providing extra functionality, platform support and eSafety tools for schools.

These new features not only help IT and Safeguarding staff to work more efficiently, but they also further support schools’ safeguarding policies and edtech support.

New features include…

NetSupport DNA version 4.75

Block windows by title

In addition to restricting websites and applications by their specific name, apps and games can now be blocked or restricted by their window’s title – helping technicians to add a broader layer of security while keeping students on task. For example, an application with the word ‘multi-player’ included in the title can immediately be blocked during school hours but allowed for after schools clubs, if appropriate.

Concurrent logon control

In addition to preventing students logging in on multiple devices, when required, a user can now be authorised to log on to multiple PCs at once (between 1 and 5). A useful feature for roaming students or teachers who may have several devices.

Performance improvements

NetSupport DNA has had a boost under the cover to significantly improve its performance when working with larger installations.

Drive space visibility

The drive space available for each device is now visible in the Explorer view as a performance indicator, helping technicians to see at a glance which PCs are running out of space and need to be reviewed.

Off-site remote control

IT support is no longer confined to the school’s WAN; the remote control features can now support remote schools that are not part of their main infrastructure. Technicians using their DNA Console can connect to a device at another school they support via the secure in-built Gateway component. This is a useful tool for multi-site schools where support is needed for remote schools that are not part of the same WAN.

DNA Console administrator’s password

As an extra layer of support for the IT team, the master console password can now be easily reset internally, allowing the IT team to continue its daily tasks without disrupting productivity.

Spotlight feature

Using Explorer mode, technicians can now use the Spotlight feature to help them see more details about a selected PC (e.g. any applications, services, websites and processes in use), all at a single glance. Services can be stopped and restarted remotely as required.
It also provides another way to quickly add applications/websites to blocked lists instead of navigating through to the web or application components and adding them separately.

Cloud-based safeguarding console

The Azure-hosted safeguarding view designed to help Safeguarding staff access safeguarding alerts on the go, now includes more features and enhancements to further support a school’s safeguarding policy. In addition to viewing triggered safeguarding keywords, contextual intelligence-based risk alerts, reported concerns by a child (from a school device) and the trending topics word cloud, the cloud also includes:

Multi-language user-interface: The cloud console is now available in five languages: French, German, Spanish, English and Italian.

Re-assigning of concerns: A concern can be re-assigned to another member of staff to follow up on – a handy tool for when staff are on holiday, ensuring any concerns are not forgotten or left unreviewed.

Student ‘Report a concern’ via the school website: A school can now add the student ‘Report a concern’ feature to their own website, allowing students to report any concerns they have to a trusted member of staff via the internet, from any location and device – and at any time of day.

Teacher ‘Add a concern’: In addition to students being able to report their concerns to a trusted member of staff, teachers can now do the same in situations where they are verbally told of a student’s concern. They can now log the concern in the cloud console.

NetSupport School version 12.65

New features have recently been added to classroom management solution, NetSupport School, providing more flexibility when connecting to student devices.

Google Classroom

NetSupport School now provides integration with Google Classroom. Using a Windows desktop Tutor, and with the NetSupport Name & Connectivity Server (NCS Gateway) installed, the teacher can connect to students’ devices (including Chromebooks) using the “ready to connect” class lists direct from Google Classroom. Not only does this new feature help teachers to save time when setting up their technology-enhanced lessons, but also it offers more flexibility when connecting to students’ devices.

NetSupport School for macOS

With a completely refreshed user interface to make it even easier for teachers to identify and navigate to features, NetSupport School for macOS (previously known as NetSupport Assist) provides extra flexibility to allow teachers to connect from a Mac device to students using a full mix of different platforms including: Mac, Chromebooks, Windows, iOS and Android. Plus, the teacher can connect to a Mac student from any device/platform.

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The complete solution

NetSupport’s range of products provides schools with a complete solution to managing IT: from Remote Control, Network and IT Management, Desktop Alerting to Helpdesk and Ticketing, Classroom Management and Safeguarding. Integrating seamlessly, they provide proactive and reactive tools to help staff achieve best practice, maximise productivity and boost security.

An overview of NetSupport DNA

(Network and IT Management, Classroom Management, Safeguarding)

An overview of NetSupport School

(Classroom Management)

 Network and IT Management tools

  • Hardware inventory
  • Software licence management
  • Web and application metering/control
  • Endpoint security
  • Energy monitoring and power management
  • Multi-site support
  • Powerful Remote Control
  • Plus much more!

Safeguarding and eSafety 

  • Contextual intelligence-based Risk Index
  • Safeguarding cloud view
  • Age-appropriate internet controls
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Student ‘Report a concern’
  • Track ‘at risk’ student activity
  • Online safeguarding resources
  • Plus much more!

 Classroom Management tools 

  • Student screen monitoring
  • Testing and assessment tools
  • Digital Journals of lesson content
  • Real-time instruction tools
  • File collection and distribution
  • Multi-platform support
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Plus much more!

Desktop Alerting and Notifications

  • Apply priority levels to alerts
  • Deliver to unlimited users and departments
  • Send full screen messages
  • Messages can’t be skipped
  • Customise alerts
  • Central reporting and tracking
  • Plus much more!

Helpdesk and Ticketing 

  • Intuitive browser-based console
  • Supports ITIL
  • Fully customisable, multi-lingual interface
  • Automated assignment and prioritisation
  • Powerful real-time management reports
  • Searchable knowledge base
  • Plus much more!