Seamless management of updates, maintenance and training

In addition to supporting simple tasks like transferring files from machine A to B, NetSupport Manager goes one step further by offering file distribution: the ability to transfer a file from one PC to any number of selected computers in a single action – providing a perfect tool for quick system updates or configuration changes.

NetSupport Manager also delivers a range of complementary tools that allow remote hands-on access, including the ability to remotely power on and off a computer, remotely log in to a computer, as well as a powerful scripting and scheduling suite to enable routine tasks to be automated and run at pre-defined intervals.

NetSupport Manager provides capabilities for inter-company training across departments. It allows an operator to transmit their screen to one or many selected computers and provide real-time visual instruction on how to use certain applications – with the added benefit of being able to take a recording that can be used for subsequent training.