How does the new Contextual intelligence-based Risk Index support safeguarding staff?

Using AI, it delivers the concept of ‘contextual intelligence’ and highlights to safeguarding staff which events triggered are the most serious and need urgent attention.

It examines the context and history of a student’s activities:

  • the devices used
  • time of day
  • websites visited
  • historical incidences

A high-risk index could result if a child has repeatedly researched a safeguarding topic (e.g. suicide) out of hours, in an unmonitored setting such as the library, but a lower index rating could result from a student searching a lower risk keyword in a local application during school hours that may have been used for curriculum topics.

The monitoring and assessment of these alerts are secure by ensuring they are dealt with locally in school by the safeguarding staff who know their students (no third-party services required).

What other safeguarding tools are included in NetSupport DNA? 

It would be easy to restrict everything that could be seen as a risk, but in reality, that’s impractical and would impact learning. Fortunately, NetSupport DNA is designed to promote digital monitoring and to encourage students to act responsibly online.

  • Multi-language keyword monitoring
  • Age-appropriate internet controls
  • online safeguarding resources
  • Student and Teacher ‘Report a concern’ tool
  • Plus much more!