Powerful Reporting Tools 

NetSupport DNA provides both on-screen and print-optimised reporting. The on-screen reports / views are provided with supporting bar and pie charts and “live” drill down capabilities on all key summary data. As well as reporting on individual devices, users and departments, NetSupport DNA also features dynamic groups. These are user-defined and added to the main hierarchy tree. A dynamic group could, for example, be to identify which staff PCs are upgradeable and such a group would be created automatically from those that match the required criteria – such as “all PCs with more than ‘XX’ Gb Ram, ‘XX’ Gb free disk space and XX processor type” and so on.

Print optimised reports are designed for management reporting and can be scheduled for creation and output to a specified file location automatically. All reports include the option to print or export to PDF, DOC and XLS.

NetSupport also supports custom views for all data; the Query Tool provides users with an easy interface for defining custom views. The query tool uses a simple drag and drop field picker, supported with conditions and sum-based features.

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Real-time monitoring

Keeping an eye on all PCs on your network is extremely time consuming, especially in real time. Without easily identifying which PCs have current notifications or active polices in place, how can you prioritise your time and resolve the most urgent issues first?

With NetSupport DNA’s Explorer mode, monitoring PCs’ current activity and active notifications has never been simpler. With three viewing formats – Icon, Details or Thumbnail view – (where the PC screens are visible), you can quickly view and prioritise which PCs need immediate attention; making you more efficient. The thumbnails size can be changed to suit the operator’s needs. For selected departments (i.e. finance or teachers), privacy modes can be set so the thumbnail is blurred.

Displaying the selected PCs as icons is another useful option for viewing large numbers of PCs at a glance and simply highlights OS platforms, and any with active notifications. Drilling down further, the Details view displays all of the selected PC’s details in a list with any active notifications highlighted, allowing for easy identification of PCs that may need immediate attention.

This view also provides a visual summary of all active policies applied to each PC and PC performance data such as real-time network traffic, CPU and memory for each PC. In addition, by right clicking on any PC an operator can launch on-the-fly PC-specific features such as power on/off, chat, remote control, send messages and more. The notification filter can be used across all three display modes to highlight the PCs with any active notifications within the chosen time period.

NetSupport DNA also provides a single time-based summary of all activity by a specific user, PC or department. Presented in a chronological view, it shows technicians what time the logon session began and ended, as well as exactly what applications were used and when, internet usage and any triggered safeguarding keywords – over a set time period. This time-saving feature means that technicians now don’t have to look at each area separately and can instead see the full picture of activity, at a glance in one location. For example, if there was a specific safeguarding event, a technician or safeguarding lead could review exactly what took place before and after the incident occurred.

All the user management tools you will ever need!

All the user management tools you will ever need! 

NetSupport DNA provides a range of features to locate and manage users within a networked environment. In addition to key user data (name, telephone etc), NetSupport DNA provides campanies with the ability to tailor the data to be gathered and collated from each user, including tracking of user acceptance forms. DNA also keeps a history of changes to the data entered in User Data and changes to Custom User details are recorded, including the following fields: Employee Number, Location, Asset Tag and Owner.

– Profiles

To provide maximum flexibility and to help save time, NetSupport DNA allows you to create multiple profiles for different groups of devices or users (e.g. department level), each with its specific component settings. This means dedicated settings (such as internet access, print metering and much more) can be applied to specific departments e.g. Marketing (for Facebook).

– Spotlight feature (coming soon)

Using Explorer mode, technicians will soon be able to use the Spotlight feature to help them see more details about a selected PC (e.g. any applications, services, websites and processes in use), all in a single glance. Services can be stopped and restarted remotely as required. It also provides another way to quickly add applications/websites to blocked lists instead of navigating through to the web or application components and adding them separately.

– Logon Control

In addition to preventing users logging in on multiple devices, when required, a user can soon be authorised to log on to multiple PCs at once (between 1 and 5). A useful feature for roaming users who may have several devices.

IT staff can also be alerted to users who are simultaneously logged into multiple PCs. Following these alerts, IT technicians are able to review and decide whether to log-out the user and follow up to ensure the login credentials are not being misused.

– Locate a User

NetSupport DNA allows anyone with a DNA agent installed on their machine (if the feature is enabled) to locate another logged-on user and then send them a message. This may be useful for staff members that do not have the NetSupport DNA Console installed, but need to find and contact other users in the company.

– Bookmarks

NetSupport DNA allows you to create and place bookmarks within the PCs, Users and Devices Tree views. This may be useful if you have a large or complex Tree structure, as it allows you to quickly navigate to the place you want to work with.

– Custom Images

To help find users/items in the Hierarchy Tree view easily, you can apply custom images to departments, dynamic groups, PCs and Users.

Other supporting tools include real-time chat and enterprise messaging, a real-time system status view for all devices, as well as a range of system admin features.

Energy monitoring and power management in NetSupport DNA

Energy monitoring and power management in NetSupport DNA

NetSupport DNA’s Energy Monitoring and Power Management tools keep you informed by showing you how many PCs are left on out of hours – and, most importantly, how the costs of this can significantly add up over time.
You can set Power Management policies allowing selected PCs to be set to automatically power off and power back on – all at once, or in stages – the next morning. In addition, “inactivity policies” can be applied, allowing rules to be applied for systems to sleep, log out or power down if they have been inactive over a period of time.

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Software application metering

Software application metering

Monitor and report on licence usage levels for all applications in your organisation.

The application metering module provides you with data (e.g. time the app was started/finished, active time) to help you ensure your licences aren’t under-used.

If you see that they are, you can move them where they’re needed most!

Enterprise Alerting in NetSupport DNA

Enterprise Alerting in NetSupport DNA

NetSupport DNA features an extremely powerful Alerting module, allowing the system to automatically notify operators when any number of changes occurs across the business network. For example:

  • When new PCs are added
  • Changes in hardware
  • A new application is installed/removed
  • A system error occurs
  • and more!
Device Auto-Discovery

Device Auto-Discovery

To save you time, DNA constantly monitors your network and identifies any new devices that join. It will then notify you and provide you with the option to automatically deploy an agent for future management. Sorted!

Save money and track licence use

Save money and track licence use

DNA is designed to keep track of the licenses you have installed and help to reduce unnecessary spending on licenses that are not needed − as well as avoid potential fines for using more licenses than you own.
The module provides a detailed summary of all installed software, so you can instantly see what is on each of your PCs. And to alert you to even greater cost savings, DNA also highlights PCs with software that has no or low usage – allowing you to reallocate it to those who need it most, thereby avoiding costly renewals for software that you no longer require.
As an added bonus to help you track your software spending, the Software module has the ability to record all the “extras” associated with software management (e.g. supplier details, invoice details, contract renewal dates), giving you the opportunity to make active and considered decisions on renewals.

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Discover the new NetSupport DNA android browser app

Discover the new NetSupport DNA android browser app

Adding to the breadth of platforms supported, the new Android Browser app for NetSupport DNA now allows organisations to monitor and manage Android device activity on the local network.
It provides IT technicians with the tools to gather a full hardware and software inventory from Android devices, plus enables real-time monitoring via thumbnail views and also includes chat and message features.
The data collected is sent dynamically to the local NetSupport DNA server and is then available for reporting within the Console.

To find out more about this new feature, why not book an online demonstration.

New platform support added to NetSupport DNA!

New platform support added to NetSupport DNA!

In the latest update (version 4.7), the mobile Browser app (for iOS 9.3 and above) brings together the functionality previously available separately in the NetSupport DNA Browser and NetSupport School Student app – making app use simpler and more streamlined for users of NetSupport DNA or NetSupport School, or both!

For those with NetSupport DNA installed, the following features are supported by the Browser app:

  • Hardware Inventory
  • Internet Metering and Restrictions
  • Thumbnails view
  • MDM deployment/configuration

If NetSupport School (providing school classroom management and staff training and development for business) is installed, the following features are supported:

  • Chat and Message
  • Survey
  • Q&A mode
  • Thumbnails
  • Lock screen
  • Lesson Details
  • Student Register

The new Android Browser app now allows schools and business to monitor and manage Android device activity. It provides IT technicians with the tools to gather a full hardware/software inventory from Android devices on the local network and enables real-time monitoring via thumbnail views, as well as including Report a Concern, Phrase Monitoring, Safeguarding Resources, Chat and Message features.