Boost your endpoint security

IT security is always a priority for any organisation, but often the challenge is finding an affordable, dedicated solution.

In NetSupport DNA there is a USB endpoint security component − as standard. Usually, a standalone solution, DNA’s endpoint security allows you to define and control the use of removable USB devices on all PCs across your organisation – preventing sensitive data loss or virus infection from portable media and controlling data access.

You can even assign individual memory sticks to dedicated users and restrict their use to specific individuals or team members – for the current day, a week or indefinitely – making certain that data is locked down should memory sticks happen to get lost.

NetSupport DNA also offers you the option to control the use of CD and DVD drives. You can block them altogether, limit them to read-only access or allow them to be used but prevent any direct execution of files from them. This means you can control and − in conjunction with the Internet and App modules − prevent new software being installed or run on any PC, meaning that you can be sure there are no surprises lurking!