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Explore the impact of remote work from our recent survey in this article!

It’s a sizable understatement to say aloud that remote and hybrid work have changed how we all do our work. The shift has been so dramatic that we’re still figuring out how large the rift is.

However, one place we think the remote work shift has been felt most and appreciated the least is in IT departments. Actually, we know it, because we asked!

Explore the impact of remote work on IT departments in our recent article published by All Tech Magazine. Uncover key findings from our survey where we asked IT and systems managers how their jobs had changed.

The results found that 83% of IT leaders reported increased network management complexity due to remote work. This complexity is attributed to the increased security risks associated with employees accessing company systems remotely.

To address these challenges, company leaders must have serious conversations with IT departments about the future of work and invest in them to support the changing work environment.