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Explore the updated KCSIE 2024 guidance

The Department for Education’s Keeping children safe in education (KCSIE) guidance is issued each year to help schools and colleges safeguard their students and work with other organisations to develop processes and procedures to do so effectively.

2024 guidance

This year’s guidance, KCSIE 2024, has just been released on a ‘for information only’ basis and is set to go live in September 2024.

The document contains mostly what the department calls ‘technical’ changes, i.e., changes to definitions and terms etc., rather than any wide-ranging developments for the 2024-25 school year. This is in line with its plan to effect more substantial amendments which will come into force in 2025.


Here are some of the main points to note from the document (You can find the full list in KCSIE 2024, Annex F).

  • The definition of ‘safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children’  has been amended to reflect the updated Working together to safeguard children 2023 guidance – and likewise for the term ‘early help’. (Page 4)
  • The term ‘deliberately missing education’ has been updated to ‘unexplainable and or/persistent absences from education.’ (Para 29)
  • Text has been added to clarify that a school remains responsible for the students they may place in alternative provision. (Para 171)
  • A ‘children who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or questioning their gender’ disclaimer has been added, as has additional clarification to comply with gender questioning children guidance terminology.
  • Two age-appropriate guides have been added for schools to support children in the court system. (Page 148)
  • A ‘preventing radicalisation’ disclaimer has been added to clarify schools’ duties relating to the Prevent duty guidance: England and Wales. (Page 156)

How NetSupport’s solutions support KCSIE

NetSupport ensures that its products support schools as they operate in accordance with the KCSIE guidance – and we’ve set out a dedicated webpage to show exactly how NetSupport School, NetSupport DNA and classroom.cloud help them to meet their safeguarding requirements.

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