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Explore the latest updates to classroom.cloud

classroom.cloud’s evidence-based classroom instruction, online safety and IT management toolkits have received a new update with new features and enhancements. Already supporting student engagement, online safety and wellbeing, monitoring and instruction and EdTech utilisation – discover what’s new below! 

Take a peek at the latest updates

Launch remote Windows PowerShell scripts at student devices from the devices list and hardware inventory page. You can execute scripts at individually selected student devices (via the actions list) or in multiples using the bulk PowerShell icon, helping to save even more time! 

Schools can now enable/disable Organisation Administrators’ access to the Safeguarding view. When disabled, the person will not be able to see the list of triggered keywords and student details nor the concerns students report. Now, schools can ensure that only nominated Safeguarding Users can view the data – adding an extra layer of security.  classroom.cloud bury grammar school quote

When exporting phrase data to a .csv file in the Safeguarding view, the detail provided in the source column of the spreadsheet will now include the actual URL the student visited and the name of the application they were using when the phrase was triggered – mirroring more closely the information displayed in the web portal list view. 

For iPads, in addition to forcing Microsoft Entra login (if applicable in the school), your school can now choose from a list of authentication options – including Google credentials – to make student sign-in easier and more secure.