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Al Kingsley shares tips to help make EdTech purposeful

The Teach Middle East Magazine podcast dives into the world of EdTech in their latest episode, ‘Beyond the Buzzwords: How to Make EdTech Purposeful in Schools with Al Kingsley.’

This episode features Al Kingsley, CEO of NetSupport, who explores how to integrate technology effectively into classrooms to enhance learning and empower educators.

Discover practical advice on finding the right balance between using technology and traditional teaching methods. Listeners will gain insights on:

  • Creating a supportive environment where teachers feel comfortable trying new EdTech tools.
  • Building a school culture that prioritises professional development and collaboration among educators.
  • Using technology strategically to improve student outcomes and prepare them for the future workforce.

The episode also challenges traditional assessment methods and calls for a more holistic approach to education that fosters critical thinking and lifelong learning skills.