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Jack Hunt School reviews NetSupport School

Our on-premise classroom management solution, NetSupport School, helps manage classroom technology with ease using a range of comprehensive feature-rich tools. Find out exactly how our solution helps Jack Hunt School by hearing straight from Rob Kent, their Curriculum Area Leader for ICT.

Jack Hunt School supports over 1,800 students in the Peterborough area. They have been using NetSupport for over 15 years and have the software installed on devices throughout their school.

Our solution has provided the ability to support students from a central location – allowing more time to teach and engage with students. Rob enjoys the ability to share his screen with the students to help model a lesson, monitor what the students are doing and quickly assist any students who are struggling.

To sum up NetSupport School, Rob describes the solution as empowering!

Take a closer look at NetSupport School

Designed to help teachers manage their classrooms, it allows teachers to monitor student devices, control what’s on their screens, and even collaborate with them on projects.

It’s known for being a user-friendly and effective tool to help improve technology-led teaching and learning. Learn more and try it for free to see the benefits in action!