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Show your support today on Administrative Professionals Day

Today, the 24th of April, is Administrative Professionals Day! It’s a day to celebrate the amazing assistants, receptionists and support staff who keep our offices running smoothly.

Often the unsung heroes of the office, these individuals wear many hats. They’re the problem-solvers, organisers and glue that holds teams together. So, let’s give a big thank you to all the admin pros out there – because they are the backbone of any successful organisation!

Easy ways to show your appreciation: 

  • A heartfelt thank you
  • A gift basket or donation in their name
  • A celebratory lunch
  • Taking on some of their workload

It doesn’t end tomorrow, it’s more than just a day! Their dedication, expertise and positive attitude deserve to be celebrated – not just on Admin Pro Day, but every day.

From our team at NetSupport, we’d like to thank our admin pros for their hard work and dedication to making our company a success!