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Explore how classroom.cloud supports the balance between student monitoring and privacy

classroom.cloud’s reputation for privacy has spread far and wide and has recently been featured in the Belgian press.

Staff from the Ghent St Paul Institute featured in the article by Het Laatste Nieuws (HLN) talked about the fine balance between student monitoring and privacy as they use devices to learn in and out of class.

Temptation versus engagement

Like many schools, the Institute had experienced various challenges keeping students on track as they used devices in class. Director, Rik D’hollander, outlined them:

“Students had watched football during class or played games with each other via Teams…Children from the first period sent their test on to the class that was taking it afterwards…The teachers wondered how to prevent that.”classroom.cloud screenshot image

Privacy concerns

He went on to explain that, in an attempt to find a solution, the Institute trialled Senso.cloud but, unfortunately, although it met some of the requirements for teaching and learning, it still did not hit the mark on privacy.

“This involved an American system that was not developed according to the strict privacy requirements of Europe. You could even read emails unintentionally. It had been agreed with the teachers not to do that, but it still gave the children the eerie feeling that they could be monitored anytime and anywhere, “ D’hollander is reported as saying.

“When we unexpectedly discovered that it could see the computer screen of students who were sick at home, we cancelled the pilot project,” he said.

After this, the school looked for an alternative, eventually settling on classroom.cloud.

A tick in the data privacy box

The school waited a year before trialling another solution.

“It had to be foolproof this time,” D’hollander is reported saying. “We chose classroom.cloud, a European system that puts privacy first…We consulted with teachers and parents. We adapted the school regulations and a code of conduct for the teachers has been included in the employment regulations. They are allowed to use it only use it during class if it adds educational value, and possibly during evaluations. But students must always give their permission first. Ten metres outside the school gate, the connection [ends].”

Great for teaching and learning too

Alongside the privacy benefits, teachers at the Institute are finding classroom.cloud is keeping students much more engaged and enabling them to regulate their behaviour for learning. Marjolein Van Lancker, ICT teacher, told HLN:

“Among other things, I teach ICT in the first grade. In these lessons, students work independently while I coach them. classroom.cloud is on all the time. With one push of a button, I can set up the right web page on everyone’s computer at the same time, so the lesson starts much more smoothly. I do not automatically close access to social media such as Snapchat or Instagram, which has not yet been necessary. Since they know that they can be monitored at any time, the students are more likely to stay focused.”

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