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Gain insights to help tackle teacher retention

The landscape of education faces a critical challenge: teacher retention. Stress, workload, and burnout are leading many to leave the profession, creating a ripple effect, impacting student learning and the overall educational experience.

Here’s 5 ways how you can empower educators and combat teacher burnout:

  1. Reduced administrative burden: EdTech can automate tasks like assessment, attendance tracking, and lesson planning, freeing up valuable time for teachers to focus on meaningful interactions with students.
  2. Simple but effective tools: Don’t overload your staff with lots of solutions – many of them aren’t easy or intuitive to use. Instead, carefully select and implement ones that deliver impact and that teachers WANT to use.
  3. Empower with feedback tools: Edtech can provide real-time feedback on student progress, empowering educators to make informed decisions and adjust their teaching strategies effectively.
  4. Streamlined professional development: Online resources and platforms can offer flexible and personalised learning opportunities for teachers, empowering them to continuously improve their skills and knowledge.
  5. Empower teachers in decision-making: Involve teachers in decision-making processes related to edtech, curriculum, assessment, and school culture.

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