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Welcome back with another amazing episode of Insights with NetSupport (corporate) podcast. In this episode, Kat Cauchi, Community Engagement Manager at NetSupport is joined by Rebekah Lloyd, Founder of This Independent Life and Women’s Health and Careers Advocate.

Inside this episode with Rebekah Lloyd

Rebekah is a women’s health and careers advocate and speaker, event and podcast host, advisor and consultant, and founder of This Independent Life. After experiencing burnout and chronic pain, a 10-year delayed endometriosis diagnosis, and the resulting career and financial challenges, she started This Independent Life to help all women achieve health, wealth and fulfilment in life. She delivers education and events for workplaces, universities and communities, is a UN Women UK delegate, and a healthcare leader and facilitator across workplace wellbeing, investment and funding, and research and start-up innovation initiatives.

Here are some of the questions we asked Rebekah below.

  • How can individuals and companies help women in gaining knowledge and taking action with their health?
  • What is your advice for women in navigating the healthcare system to get diagnosis and treatment?
  • How can women best advocate for themselves in their lives and workplaces? – Does stigma around women’s health stop women from asking for what they need?
  • Plus, much more!

Watch the full episode to hear what she had to say!

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Find out more by connecting with Rebekah on social media at @thisindependentlife and on LinkedIn. Plus, be sure to check out her website and podcast for more helpful information. Also, be sure to follow NetSupport, as well as our amazing host, Kat.