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Welcome back to another episode of Insights with NetSupport (corporate) podcast. This series invites special guests to discuss a topic of their expertise, giving helpful insights to listeners.

In this episode, Kat Cauchi, Community Engagement Manager at NetSupport is joined by Veronica Llorca-Smith, Leadership Consultant specialising in cultural agility.

Check out some of the questions we asked Veronica to take a sneak peek into the episode. Then, be sure to watch it to hear what she has to say!

  • As an advocate for cultural agility, could you please explain the terminology for anyone who is unsure?
  • How can employers and employees develop cultural agility?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges of managing a multi-cultural team?
  • What are some of your top tips for managing a multi-cultural team effectively?
  • How can managers ensure all of their team feel included?
  • Plus, much more!

Watch the full episode now!

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