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Student interaction is at the heart of learning, yet many teaching tools only focus on behaviour restriction (web/app metering or locking screens). Without the effective tools to empower students and allow them to really engage with the instruction, lessons delivered via technology risk becoming a passive experience for students. 

Top tips to boost student engagement in class 

  • Instruction – Screen and audio sharing ensure teachers can easily instruct and explain lesson activities. 
  • Communication – Enable students to communicate directly with the teacher and resolve queries quickly through features like help requests and chat. 
  • Gamified assessment – Trigger students’ competitive instincts and keep them engaged using ’random select’ modes when quizzing. 
  • Accessibility – Making sure that the lesson information (lesson objectives/learning outcomes or approved websites/apps) is easily reachable during class. 
  • Monitor – Keeping an eye on student activity via screen monitoring is key to ensuring they’re on task when working independently. 

Engaging classroom instruction solutions 

Our cloud-based and on-premise classroom instruction solutions can help you boost student engagement, test and assess with ease to identify any learning gaps, maintain class control and much more.