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Our team had a great time at ISTELive 2023, where we exhibited our award-winning EdTech solutions and conducted several insightful interviews with industry leaders and experts addressing trending topics and key challenges faced in education.

We’re thrilled to share this very informative episode discussing “The world of EdTech and how to navigate it” featuring Rachelle Dené Poth.

Inside this episode with Rachelle Dené Poth…

NetSupport Inc.’s very own VP of Sales, Maggie Layfield is joined by Rachelle Dené Poth at ISTE 2023 on the NetSupport stand to discuss how schools can best approach AI, the importance of social emotional learning, tips for new teachers, and so much more. In addition, she also shares the many activities/sessions that she took part in at ISTE. Watch the episode now to hear tips and insights from Rachelle!

Connect with us…

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