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Check out our CEO, Al Kingsley, featured on the Edtech Insiders podcasts, where he was interviewed to discuss his views on education and where it is headed. Hosted by Alex Sarlin, this series highlights the future of education technology by interviewing founders, investors, operators, educators and though leaders to discuss key edtech trends.

Inside this episode of Edtech Insiders… 

Tune into this episode to learn all about how edtech can and should serve goals beyond traditional ‘academic learning’. Plus, hear from Al about how edtech can help support the mental health and wellbeing of students – and so much more! Watch the full episode below to hear what Al had to say.

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Connect with Al on Twitter here to discover all things related to education, school governance and technology. Also, learn more about Al on his website to see more of work and gain more insights. Stay in tune with what’s ahead for the future of edtech by connecting with Adam on LinkedIn here and check out his website here.

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