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Welcome back to Of Primary Importance!

It’s with great pleasure that we’re bringing you this amazing episode of Of Primary Importance! In this episode, Kat Cauchi is joined by Gemma Drinkall to talk about ‘Putting teaching back into its job box.’

All about Gemma Drinkall…

Gemma is an educational wellbeing coach and trainer who also hosts the ‘Teachers with Boundaries Podcast’. Her ambition is to transform middle leaders’ lives to benefit themselves, their students and team. With 8 years’ experience in education including middle leadership, Gemma understands the challenges that middle leaders face just to survive. After experiencing panic attacks, low mood and anxiety, Gemma burnt out, leaving her teaching career behind. She openly speaks about her experiences, making it her mission to help other middle leaders avoid the same fate and create clear boundaries so that they can switch off from teaching and switch on in their lives.

Here are some of the questions Kat asked Gemma:

  • Today we’re going to be talking a lot about work-life balance in the education sector. So first off, can you tell me why you are passionate about this particular topic?
  • You wanted to discuss setting healthy boundaries, so let’s talk about why this is significant and how staff can go about this.
  • Why can the separation of work and life be particularly difficult for those working in education?
  • Do you think part of the issue is that unhealthy work culture can be normalised in education?
  • How can staff prioritise their own needs and why does this actually benefit everyone?
  • Plus, many more!

Watch the full episode below to find out more!

Gain insights from Gemma that you can implement to create a better work-life balance! Watch back to the full episode below or listen back on NetSupport Radio.

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