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With over 10 years of hosting this event, EdExec LIVE is the perfect event to participate in interactive learning and networking tailored to the role of the school business leader. 

Join us live and in person at EdExec LIVE (North) today, where our CEO, Al Kingsley, will be presenting! Find out all the details about the event here.

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With the government releasing plans for schools to move towards a fully trust-led system by 2030, creating ‘strong trusts’ for each local area and region has now become high on the agenda and brings new challenges to the sector. 

Published author of the best seller ‘My School #Governance Handbook’, Al Kingsley, discusses how governance plays an integral part to this process and takes a deeper dive at how specifically school governors and trustees in a MAT can support its growth strategies, and on the other side, how to attract strong trusts to operate locally.

If you’re attending the event, don’t miss ‘Driving growth through good governance’. Not attending the event? No worries, you can get your very own copy of ‘My School #Governance Handbook’ to discover tips and insights to school governance. Plus, learn all about Al on his website here!