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Have you seen our recent webinar collaboration with EduGeek? Check it out to discover all about ‘Shaping and implementing digital strategy’ presented by our very own CEO, Al Kingsley.

The use of EdTech has exponentially increased in schools over the past few years, but many are continuing to purchase new solutions without undertaking a thorough audit of their existing ones to understand/evidence their impact. Discover insights from exploring what you currently have and how it’s being used, to looking at how well the technology is embedded and if there are any gaps in your provision.

What will you learn in this digital strategy webinar? 

Leave the session with the tools to help evaluate and evidence your solutions and enable you to select the right EdTech for impact whilst moving your digital vision forward. Discover key tips and insights to help you… 

  • Build your digital strategy and take it forward!
  • Establish a vision of a school for a digital world
  • Measure impact and effectiveness

Watch the webinar now! 

More about Al… 

Al Kingsley has over 30 years’ experience in the technology sector, predominantly in IT management, educational and instructional technology and online safety. He has also written several books covering EdTech and School Governance and writes for a range of international titles on all aspects of education. Learn more about Al here and be sure to connect with him on Twitter at @AlKingsley_Edu.

Also, check out our digital strategy guide to continue learning more about the topic – plus, check out our resource hub for more!