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Check out our new NetSupport Notify review from our customers at Lloyd’s Pharmacy! Find out how our mass communication software, NetSupport Notify, helps keep their staff informed across 1,400 different sites and approximately 7,000 devices.

What did they have to say about NetSupport Notify?

We asked several questions to gain a full picture of exactly how our software solution has helped their business to ensure we’re meeting the needs of our customers. See what they had to say when asked how NetSupport Notify helped their organisation…

“It has helped us to get messages out to everyone quickly. They also have to acknowledge the message, which is super helpful – boosting communication.” 

They also identified a main benefit of using NetSupport Notify which helped them reduce duplicate support requests… 

“One of the other main benefits is that if we’ve identified an issue and our teams are working to support it, we can prevent getting hundreds of the same report on our service desk – we would have already used NetSupport Notify to inform everyone that we are aware of the problem. This helps us to give assurance to the pharmacies and prevents staff trying to call through and getting stuck in a queue.” 

Easy to use, clear communication… 

Boosting communication shouldn’t be rocket science. It should be super easy – and that’s exactly what Lloyds Pharmacy said when asked about their favourite features! 

“NetSupport Notify is quite easy to use, it is clear, and the preview of what the message will look like is very good. Being able to choose the severity and category of the message is also a positive.” 

Plus, they also mentioned the ability to schedule routine messages by giving their team a friendly Friday reminder. 

“The scheduling functionality is also handy. One of the other departments requested that we put out a certain message every Friday for a couple of weeks, reminding staff to leave their devices on overnight for an update. This was also easy to set up.” 

Find out more about their favourite features by reading the full review! 

A better way to communicate… 

To keep your staff informed in any scenario, here are four areas your mass communication solution should help improve your organisation…

  1. Save precious time – Time is valuable, especially in emergency situations where every second counts. Ensure messages are seen and not skipped or ignored by quickly messaging all or a select group of staff in a single action.
  2. Reliable communication – Streamline communication and minimise potential delays by enabling the recipient to immediately see updates sent through the system.
  3. Boost security – Stay safe and secure by decreasing your response time to emergency or lockdown incidents with clear, concise messages – plus, use a hotkey combination for time-critical situations.
  4. Work smarter – Automate manual tasks by scheduling reoccurring events in advance for a fixed time and date: hourly, daily, weekly, even every “xx minutes”.
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See NetSupport Notify in action… 

Take a quick look at NetSupport Notify to see why Lloyd’s said they would recommend our software to other organisations.