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Children and Young People Now recently published ‘Boosting attainment with tech’ written by our CEO, Al Kingsley, to discuss the ways cutting-edge technology can be used in education to narrow the attainment gap.

All about boosting attainment with tech…

The ominous impact of the pandemic on our children is already starting to be seen with a troubling government report finding the attainment gap between privileged and disadvantaged students is now wider than it was pre-pandemic.

Digital poverty plays a huge factor in the widening gap and has become a key issue today. Since the onset of the pandemic, many students are being left behind due to the lack of resources needed to support learning which is linked to economic disadvantage.  

Read this article to find out all about boosting attainment with tech and discover how we can close the gap to help students succeed.

Tackling the attainment gap… 

Tackling the attainment gap begins in the classroom, or perhaps a need to look even further back to before a child starts school. Discover tips to help boost attainment using tech to best support students and their needs.

  1. Tracking development – EdTech tools can help teachers easily keep track of each student’s development over time helping teachers quickly identify areas where students are struggling.
  2. Computer confidence – Prepare students for success by equipping them with good digital citizenship skills to help prepare them for a modern work environment.
  3. Raising digital citizens – Use EdTech to teach students to safely navigate the internet with appropriate parameters that encourage positive interaction to help students stay safe online. 
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