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We are really pleased to share with you our brand-new research report, ‘The impact of teaching on personal relationships.’

Written by NetSupport’s Community Engagement Manager and R.I.S.E. Magazine editor, Kat Cauchi, this journey began with discussions in the magazine contributors’ Twitter group about the negative impact teaching had on some members’ personal relationships or their colleagues’ relationships. This prompted Kat to reflect on her past personal experiences in teaching and investigate the issue further.

When researching the topic, she found a glaring lack of content available, so what was intended to be an article grew into a research report with actions that can be implemented to better support teachers in maintaining healthy personal relationships.

Inside the report you will:


  • see survey data from teachers and former teachers
  • hear directly from teachers about their experiences
  • read experts’ observations on the effects of pressures on school staff
  • gain practical tips from experts on how to identify, manage and mitigate the problems.
Let’s spark action to help teachers foster their personal relationships.Teaching-Relationships2