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Good tips are always worth repeating so, in case you missed it, check out our article we had published in Schools Week in October…

With inflation and rising energy bills, schools are searching for ways to save money to make their budgets go further. Many schools are left searching for ways to tighten their belts and an effective way to do this is by reviewing and improving their technology use.

Check out this article published by Schools Week discussing the budget crisis and how schools can save money by tailoring their technology. With the end of the year near, it’s the perfect time to start planning a tech audit to re-evaluate your school’s needs and ensure its technology is up to scratch. Providing a tech audit can help offer insight on assets, devices and edtech software being used across the school and give clarity on the purpose they serve.

Evaluation leads to a clear strategy…

It all starts with evaluating your technology, but what’s next? Following the technology audit, schools can consult closely with staff to revise their digital strategy and ensure it is still fit for purpose or develop one if needed. A clear digital strategy will ensure technology works for teachers, instead of creating extra work for them.  

“If technology is not time- and cost-saving for staff, then it’s not doing its job.” 

If you need tips on creating an effective digital strategy, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Digital Strategy Guide to discover insight, tips, and tools to help create or boost your strategy.

Curbing energy costs with edtech… 

Some edtech solutions can also track and analyse the powered-on state of computers across the school to help reduce energy costs. This provides accurate insight into energy consumption and pinpoints where energy wastage occurs – allowing schools to set a schedule to automatically power off devices to reduce energy use and costs. 

Our NetSupport solutions are designed to help schools operate more efficiently and with ease. Find out how our edtech solutions can help identify cost-savings, reduce energy consumption and help maximise resources across the school. We offer two software solutions that can help do just that! 

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