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Learn about the changing landscape of assessments…

Check out this episode of Transformative Principal podcast with Jethro Jones featuring our CEO, Al Kingsley! Transformative Principal aims to empower principals to lead better schools to better serve their students.

What’s this episode about? 

In this episode, Al chats with Jethro about “The Changing Landscape of Assessments”. Listen to hear discussion about the different types of assessments, to the purpose and outcomes of assessments, and so much more.

Check the episode out now below! Plus, access more resources on our informative Education Hub covering all things education. Also, be sure to connect with Al (@AlKingsley_Edu) and Jethro (@JethroJones) on Twitter to find out more from them.

Conducting better assessments… 

When it comes to assessments, technology can help! Find out how our classroom management and instruction solution, NetSupport School, makes assessing students easier with flexible formative assessment tools, ranging from an informal classroom discussions, surveys and peer assessment tools to more structured testing with automatic scoring.

Plus, using technology for assessments can help boost student engagement and understanding, as it helps to reinforce key learning points and quickly gauge comprehension. Not to mention, the time-saving benefits it can provide from the instant results, all while keeping students fully engaged in active learning.

In the meantime, be sure to listen to the podcast now – or click below to find out all the benefits NetSupport School has to offer.