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Now, more than ever, companies and schools need to make their funds go further and ensure they are spent wisely. NetSupport DNA provides network and IT management tools that do just that!

How can you benefit from using NetSupport DNA? 

Reduce your energy bills 

It shows you how many PCs are left on out of hours, along with any associated costs and provides you with tools to schedule when PCs turn on/off – perfect for out of hours!

Cut your printing expenditure 

The high-level Print Monitoring component of NetSupport DNA shows you exactly where your print costs are being generated, allowing you allocate funds accordingly.

Efficiency View 

The Efficiency View dashboard helps you to see at a glance if your technology is being used efficiently and informs you where improvements can be made – helping to reduce any wastage.

Lower software licensing costs 

Reduce unnecessary spending on licences that aren’t needed and see software that has no or low usage. This way, you can avoid costly renewals for applications you no longer require.

A high-quality ITAM solution for less… 

We’re offering up to 30% off our IT asset management solution, NetSupport DNA. Offer is only available for new customers until the 9th of December (see terms and conditions).

Find out more about our education offer here to help your school save money.

Learn more about our corporate offer to save your company money.