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We’ve all used ‘unattended devices’ in our everyday lives, most commonly it’s an ATM or cash register – but rarely do we think about the process behind those machines that keep them running smoothly or support them when something inevitably goes wrong. That’s where our remote control software, NetSupport Manager, steps in!  

In addition to supporting devices company-wide, a popular use for NetSupport Manager is to use it to support unattended devices. From ATMs to cash registers to factory floor robots to jukeboxes in restaurants, NetSupport Manager can save time and money whilst improving efficiency.  

Watch our latest episode of NetSupport Radio to find out ‘How NetSupport Manager can help manage unattended devices’ as our Technical Support Manager, Andy Earp, highlights its super secure remote control features. 

In this conversation, we ask Andy:  

  1. What sorts of unattended devices do our clients use NetSupport Manager to manage?  
  2. What sort of help can NetSupport Manager provide to managers who need to maintain unattended devices?  
  3. What feedback have our customers shared about how useful NetSupport Manager is when maintaining unattended devices? 

Watch the podcast below to find out more or listen back on NetSupport Radio

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