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It’s Youth Mental Health Day, the perfect time to raise awareness about mental health and wellness amongst young people. Getting young people involved and engaged in open discussions about mental health is just the beginning – that’s why this year will focus on helping young people #ConnectMeaningfully.  

Having good mental health means much more than just thinking positive thoughts, it includes a well-rounded approach to mental and physical wellbeing to help curb difficulties such as anxiety, low mood, eating disorders, and self-harming behaviours. With more youth suffering from mental health issues than ever before, it’s time to take a second to re-evaluate and reflect on what makes for good mental health to help break the stigma.  

At NetSupport, we understand the importance of supporting positive mental health. That’s why we have two education solutions to help promote good mental health and wellbeing: NetSupport DNA (IT Management with online safety) and classroom.cloud (cloud-based classroom management, online safety, and IT management).  

These solutions were designed with students in mind and are equipped with powerful online safety tools to ensure young people are safe and acting responsibly as well as identify any concerning issues to further support vulnerable students.  

To learn more about Youth Mental Health Day, click here. Discover more about our online safety solutions, click here