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When it comes to effective communication across a school or university, it’s no easy task to ensure that everyone is informed. That’s why having a reliable mass communication and alerting solution, like NetSupport Notify, is key to keeping everyone in the loop with notifications that cannot be skipped or ignored.

Installed on over 750 PCs across the university, find out why University of Bedfordshire relies on NetSupport Notify to support its communication needs. Plus, see how our software has helped improve the university.

“Before using NetSupport Notify, one of our libraries relied on a tannoy system or having to send out system broadcast messages manually – this included those such as ‘The building will be shutting in 20 minutes’. With NetSupport Notify in place, we can provide alerts as to when PCs or services are out of order. Previously, we had no other way to let students know other than physically going to tell them, and, with Covid restrictions in place, a lot of staff did not want to do this.

“Additionally, one of our libraries has over six floors and with limited staff numbers, it is quite hard for them to run up and down the stairs with messages. NetSupport Notify allows us to target each floor and send out appropriate alerts.”

Discover more by reading the full review below. Plus, learn more about NetSupport Notify to find out how it can help boost communication and assist in emergency response and preparedness.