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Due to the pandemic, many schools in Brazil have been struggling to understand how to use technology to improve learning, which has sparked a growing interest in hybrid learning. With edtech being relatively new to Brazil, they are keen to learn from international experiences – and so the UK-Brazil EdTech Summit is set to do just that! 

This summit takes place on 18th October and is a great opportunity for the UK to promote its EdTech experience and expertise and also explore business opportunities.  

Join our very own CEO, Al Kingsley, and Caroline Wright, Director of BESA, at this event as speakers in the round-table discussion, “Powering the learning process: the impact of technology in the classroom”. 

The discussion will take place on 18th October from 2pm to 4pm UK time as a mix of presentations and debate on Zoom. The audience is composed of bilingual and international schools, educational groups, distributors and publishers.