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Teachers now have even more control over students’ devices plus enhanced safeguarding features! 

Our development team has been very busy working on new features and enhancements for our cloud-based teaching, safeguarding and learning platform, classroom.cloud. We’ve just added new enhancements that will give teachers even more control over students’ devices to keep students on task and engaged, while enhanced online safety features help ensure students are safe online.  

Key features to boost student focus and engagement include: 

  • Blocking USB sticks: Boost security and keep students focused by approving or blocking USB stick use during class time.
  • Control webcam use: Teachers can control the use of webcams during class time to help ensure students are on task.
  • Sound controls: Teachers can quickly get students’ attention by turning sound on/off on their school devices. 

Key features to take safeguarding to the next level: 

  • Online support resources: Students have instant access to a range of validated online support resources covering a range of topics, enabling them to explore wellbeing issues on their terms.
  • When safeguarding staff are reviewing triggered events, images can now be blurred – further supporting sensitivity towards the student. 
  • MYCONCERN integration: For schools with a MYCONCERN account, you can now directly integrate it with cloud. This means that when you’re reviewing a triggered event, you can link it to a student in your MYCONCERN account – and you can continue to view the event in both classroom.cloud and in MYCONCERN.

Also, check out this new shortcut for a helpful tip: 

  • Feature shortcuts: Teachers can right-click on a student when using any of the features to quickly access the Chat and Watch.