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Welcome to another episode of #TipTopTipsEdu with Al Metcalfe!

Hosted by Mark Anderson, this episode of #TipTopTips features Al Metcalfe, an amazing teacher and Head of Computing.

A secondary school teacher of more than 20 years with a heritage of innovation and entrepreneurialism, Al shares his #TipTopTipsEdu around all things Computing. Alongside this, he also talks about a solution he has created to support and act as a companion to the teaching of Computing and ICT at Key Stages 3, 4 and 5: Deliver Computing 360.

Passionate about Computing and inspiring young people with routes into employment via their learning in the subject, Al responded to the following questions with lots of sage approaches and advice.

Here are the questions asked:

  • What are your top tips for the teaching of the Computing curriculum at KS3?
  • What tips can you offer that help address some of the issues facing Computing as a subject?
  • What top tips would you suggest would be helpful to a primary school teacher in preparing Year 7 students for their learning in KS3?
  • What top tips can you offer to Computing teachers for the delivery of the subject in a pandemic?
  • As someone who has developed a solution that seeks to support the teaching of Computing, can you share why you developed the solution?

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