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Here at NetSupport, we welcome the improvements across the sector in responding positively to evidence when it comes to developing technology in education. We’ve done it for years and work closely with our schools to develop our solutions.  

We were recently thrilled to receive very positive feedback from Education Alliance Finland (EAF) for our classroom.cloud product. EAF (formerly known as ‘Kokoa Standard’) uses a pedagogical review framework that tests educational technology solutions against stringent standards to check their pedagogical efficacy. 

Pedagogical excellence for edtech is something that is of huge importance to us and so, following our fantastic feedback on classroom.cloud, we thought it would be great if EAF could check out one of our other flagship teaching and learning products, NetSupport School.  

“Navigation in the product is easy and intuitive.”

The report it has written makes for great reading and we are very proud of it. You can find it here. 

“NetSupport School is very suitable for various teaching situations and a
range of supported devices makes it usable also with smaller children.”

The process from EAF is thorough, as you’ll see in the report. It explores every product across several stringent criteria. Achieving a good ranking isn’t easy as, to do so, you need to score well right across all of the criteria, namely: 

  • Subject Area – Remote learning and study skills 
  • Life & Career – Social Skills / Cross Cultural Skills and Global Awareness / Wellbeing and Sustainable Development / Work life skills and Entrepreneurship 
  • Learning & Innovation – Creativity and Innovation / Critical Thinking & Problem Solving / Cognitive and thinking skills / Learning to Learn 
  • Information & Technology – Media and Information Literacy / Multimodal Literacy / ICT Literacy 
  • Learning Engagement – Autonomy / Competence / Relatedness / Respect / Stimulation / Safety 

These all then feed into its examination of the pedagogical approaches found in the product it is assessing. EAF rates its pedagogical approach thus: 

As you’ll read in the report, the various findings across all the checks it undertook made for great reading for us, with most sections recording in the mid to high 90s.  

“Using NetSupport School lets the teacher focus on  
teaching instead of managing the class or technology.”

At the end of the process, NetSupport School was ranked with a 94% rating for its pedagogical approach. In EAF’s own words, “the pedagogical approach is innovative and meaningful”. There are some significant findings which will be pertinent to all leading on digital in their schools. 

“The first-time experience is encouraging 
and it is easy to learn to use the product.” 

So what? 

It is important for schools to see a return on their investments, it is after all, either public money or that from parental contributions that allows for these expenditures.  

“Teachers have a wide range of tools to manage  
classroom actions and are able to produce versatile tasks.” 

Pedagogically, efficacy is an important factor for schools and those leading on digital strategy, it is therefore really pleasing for us to have NetSupport School validated in this way.   

“NetSupport School represents high educational quality 
and is proven to promote learning efficiently.”

As a multi-award-winning product supporting effective classroom management and learning delivery, NetSupport School allows you to monitor your students, share real-time instructions whilst using technology, and work across multiple platforms including Windows, Chrome, iOS, MacOS and Android.  

Teaching and learning with technology is too important to leave to chance.  

Check out the EAF report and try NetSupport School for free and find out for yourself why EAF found it to be so effective in supporting teaching and learning. We are quietly confident you’ll love what you find.