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Be sure to listen back to the latest episode of the ‘TESTS and the rest” podcast, hosted by Mike Bergin, President of Chariot Learning, and Amy Seeley, President of Seeley Test Pros.

In their most recent episode, our CEO, Al Kingsley, joins the pair to describe the role of technology as an enabler in education. With new all the hardware and software tools available on the market, it’s imperative to have the right edtech to help facilitate positive change in education.

Here are five things you will learn in this episode:

  1. Which aspects of education can–and cannot–be improved through technology?
  2. What is the tension between new tech and old ways of working?
  3. What does the near-term future of education look like?
  4. What applications of technology tend to be counterproductive in today’s schools?
  5. What are some components of successful technology initiatives in schools or districts?
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