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Read more about how edtech has evolved  

Here’s something to check out – our CEO, Al Kingsley, has published another great read in the SecEd Magazine!

With the education sector having to juggle between remote and in-school learning over the past 18 months, the future of edtech has certainly evolved and may be changed for good.

In the article, “Edtech change and transformation: how to make things happen,” Al shines a light into what how edtech has evolved due to the abrupt change caused by the pandemic and what should stay in edtech as a result of the pandemic.

Highlighting the importance of reflecting on what we’ve learned from the pandemic in order to create a change for the future, Al Kingsley mentions: “One thing is for sure: fundamental change in education needs to progress further – and faster – to meet the needs of the future. The application of tech to the same model of education that we have had for the last 200 years simply isn’t going to cut it in the years to come.”