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Don’t compromise on a secure connection! 

With the right remote management solution, organizations can access, monitor and support any device, system or server (over the internet, in the office or on a private WAN) – while guaranteeing security and data protection.

Remote control with added security…

NetSupport Manager’s remote access tools are the choice of military and financial institutions across the globe because it goes above and beyond industry standards.

  • Fully secure ‘on-premise’ solution
  • Centrally deploy and manage security configurations from a single location
  • Four levels of encryption and PIN Connect
  • Security keys along with a secure Gateway
  • Control levels of access
  • Plus so much more!

For over 32 years, customers have enjoyed its cross-platform remote control tools, supporting multiple screens, screen sharing, one-to-many support, hardware and software inventory – plus much more – all ensuring maximum efficiency and minimizing system downtime and lost productivity.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what IT Pro says:

It’s very secure as the main server, gateway and clients must all possess the same security key, and an integrated firewall ensures that no unauthorized connection attempts can get through to your internal network. Session encryption is fully supported, and you can optionally restrict which technicians are able to access which remote systems.”

Read more about NetSupport Manager’s security feature here: https://www.netsupportmanager.com/pdfs/nsm-security-settings.pdf