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Learning takes lots of different forms and most of us enjoy learning how to do new things to expand our knowledge. And whether it’s how to plaster a wall, unblock a sink or play a few chords on the guitar, it’s always a great feeling to have mastered a new skill.

Workplace learning is equally as valuable; helping us to build our knowledge, refine our skills and become better at our jobs. That’s why so many employers invest in training for their employees, as contributing to their personal development also brings myriad benefits for the company – not least in the form of a better skilled workforce.

Focus on learning

Things have been a little disrupted over the last year and, as such, many organisations probably won’t have done as much staff training as they have traditionally. But, as luck would have it, 17th-23rd May 2021 is Learning at Work Week across the UK, so it’s a great time for companies to start thinking about development opportunities for their employees once again.

Organised by the charity Campaign for Learning to promote learning in the workplace, the theme of the week is ‘Made for learning’ and will focus on our capacity to learn and connect in order to empower employees and enhance organisations. Sounds good!

Workplace training

Many employers opt for external training for their staff. This is a great idea as employees not only get to learn new skills, but the change of scenery from the office often helps with focus and retention. In addition, external courses are a great way to get a new perspective, as well as meet and network with delegates from other companies and exchange ideas or even make lasting contacts.

However, bespoke internal training is just as valid. It can be tailored to exactly what the employees need, as well as being customised to the company’s specific objectives of developing their staff. Many employees gain a great deal from internal training, as they may be more inclined to ask questions and become involved in discussion that relate directly to their jobs.

Tech to help

A great tool to help businesses deliver in-house training is NetSupport School, which, despite its name, isn’t just for schools! It’s a flexible, fully-featured instruction and collaboration solution that is suitable for learners of all ages in all kinds of environments. It provides a wide range of possibilities for collaborative instruction, assessment and group working – as well as allowing tutors to guide and present directly to trainees’ devices. For greater engagement with the session, NetSupport School also offers tools to allow trainees to interact, question and assess any information presented. It also provides each delegate with a journal of session content for them to refer to afterwards – for maximum retention.

In these ‘not quite normal’ times, NetSupport School is also great for providing socially distanced training – enabling trainees to learn without being in close proximity, communicate from a safe distance and to be digitally assessed.

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