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NetSupport’s CEO Al Kingsley discusses well-being and school improvement…

We’ve had another great article published by Forbes! Be sure to check out, “Balancing Well-Being and School Improvement”, written by our CEO, Al Kingsley.

With many schools looking for ways to help students “catch up” on learning loss due to the pandemic and having to navigate a year full of challenges, it’s important to recognize well-being when considering returning to the classroom as it can be key to delivering change. This article discusses the importance of well-being and how it can impact schools.

Focusing on well-being and considerations for schools, Al explains: “For schools, the question is as follows: In these unique circumstances, when is it appropriate to start getting back on the path to implementing academic and school improvement? It’s about finding the balance between the two strands of well-being and progress: on one hand, understanding the need to concentrate on supporting and nurturing, and on the other, beginning to apply focus to move toward improvement objectives.”

He also mentions the importance of reflecting on the positives from the pandemic. He says: “Reflecting on the positive outcomes that have come from the pandemic can provide the impetus for any future plans. Let’s look at the glass that is half-full. In terms of achievements, some students have independently gained skills in non-curriculum activities that have inspired them to be creative in ways that a classroom environment would not have allowed. Yes, some learning will have inevitably slipped away, but considering the real-world skills that have been gained in their place (e.g., creating art with technology, learning life skills such as operating a washing machine, learning from YouTube about things that interest them, etc.) and acknowledging these as valid learning points that students can be proud of, will be incredibly valuable.”