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Over the past few weeks, classroom.cloud (A new cloud-based teaching platform for in-school and remote teaching) has been extensively evaluated by Education Alliance Finland (EAF), which conducts product impact evaluations based on global quality standards for learning solutions.

EAF reported that “classroom.cloud represents high educational quality and is proven to promote learning efficiently” and awarded it the following ratings:

EAF uses a method based on educational psychology and pedagogical knowledge to evaluate the quality of learning solutions. Its evaluations are conducted by teachers who have full access to the products and their features.

classroom.cloud met all the standards to a high level and was certificated as:

“…a well-designed educational solution that aligns with learning science principles. Its design complies with research and learning pedagogy and pursues to implement good practices in order to promote and support learning.”

From the pedagogical approach analysis (which defines how the product supports the learning of different skills), and the learning engagement analysis (which reviews usability and student engagement), here are just a couple of snippets of classroom.cloud’s evaluation:

“…classroom.cloud can be used to set equal learning paths for all users, or the teacher can provide differentiated instructions and contents for different students…”


“The platform provides excellent tools for teachers to conduct a remote (or in-class) lesson… Using classroom.cloud gives the teacher confidence in focusing on teaching and not to worry about what their students are doing.”