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This episode of #TipTopTipsEdu is packed full of insights and advice around the important topics of online safety, digital citizenship and all-round sound approaches to how we keep our young people (and teachers) safe, happy and healthy when working and learning online.   

Our guest on the show in this episode is the fantastic, Alan Mackenzie. Known as the ‘eSafety Adviser’, what Alan doesn’t know about mindful approaches to all of the issues around safeguarding, online safety and digital citizenship, isn’t worth knowing. 

In this episode, the questions I posed to Alan included: 

  1. As students will be returning to school soon, what online safety advice would you give to them?
  2. Like myself, your ordinary day job is to go out and physically visit schools – what has changed for you over the last year? Do you think virtual has been a help or a hindrance?
  3. Online safety can be a very diverse and fast-moving environment and teachers are already busy juggling different priorities. How can schools keep up to date on the things that matter to them?
  4. How can teachers stay on top of current issues related to online safety? 

To learn more about Alan and his work, please do check out his website, https://www.esafety-adviser.com/To connect directly with Alan, follow him on Twitter here 

Alan also worked with us on our recent ‘Online Safety Guide 2021’, a guide jam-packed with the latest advice and information on this important topic. Grab your free copy here 

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