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For the majority of companies, productivity hinges on how well their technology is set up and managed. And make no mistake, it’s a full-on job! There’s the constant review of infrastructure, hardware and software use to monitor, user accounts to manage, network security to take care of – and much, much, much more.

The teams at NetSupport fully understand these challenges. After all, we’re a busy tech company too, with offices across the world that all need to be connected, fully secure and able to interact seamlessly with each other, so we’re in an ideal position to appreciate exactly what magic tools IT teams need to be able to operate as efficiently as possible!

Our dedicated corporate solutions are all intended to make technology management less onerous – and save you time and money to boot. Here’s a quick rundown of how they can help:

NetSupport Manager

A true specialist in the field of remote control, NetSupport Manager has been a trusted solution for over 30 years. A firm favourite of financial and military organisations, it’s fully secure and designed to operate over LAN, WAN or the internet (without the need for firewall configuration) to help your IT team manage remote multi-platform computers quickly, securely and efficiently – wherever they are. Find out more here.

NetSupport DNA

IT Asset Management that’s easy to install and use sounds too good to be true, right? Gone are the days of when ITAM solutions were clunky and difficult to roll out, let alone use. NetSupport DNA has specifically been designed to be easy to set up. Then, it helps you out by automatically discovering devices and deploying agents out to them. It proactively warns you when changes occur across your network and includes heaps of tools to manage users, monitor activity, distribute software, create custom reports quickly and easily – plus much more.

NetSupport Notify

Every company has scope to improve communication and NetSupport Notify can help you get important messages out to staff that are seen and read quickly. How? They take focus on users’ screens so, no matter what they’re doing, they don’t have the option to ignore them. Companies (and especially health sector organisations) find this the perfect method to ensure emergency messages are seen (and not lost in busy in-boxes), as well as issue regular updates such as fire drills, server maintenance notices and so on. It’s scalable up to 10,000 users on multiple sites and reasonably priced too! Check it out here.

NetSupport ServiceDesk

NetSupport ServiceDesk simplifies and streamlines the IT support process – from initial request to final resolution, to help IT teams manage customer expectations and minimise the amount of system downtime. With a fully customisable and intuitive web-based interface that supports desktop and mobile platforms, robust workflow processes, a wealth of management reports and a customer-friendly self-service portal, it can help keep your business running smoothly and productively. Learn more here.