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Remote learning just got easier with these new features…

The education landscape has had quite a shake-up in recent months and the Department for Education’s latest requirements highlight the need for schools to support high quality remote learning.

Developed with teachers, for teachers, classroom.cloud provides a range of online teaching and classroom management tools to help them instruct, assess, manage and control online class behaviour and create engaging and consistent learning experiences, whether they are taking place in school or remotely at home.

What’s new?

The latest set of features makes it even easier for teachers to demonstrate and explain lesson activities, as they can now share their screen (entire screen, an individual application window and/or specific Chrome tab) with all connected student devices, along with their audio feed, to help them speak directly to their students and make explanations more visual and easier to grasp.

Students can also now select a ‘priority’ when requesting help from the teacher (options include: Work Complete, Need Help or Urgent Help), helping the teacher to quickly identify the type of assistance needed.

With the ability for teachers and students to move between conventional in-person learning and remote schooling, and all without having to switch platforms (no stress or disruption caused!), classroom.cloud really is the easiest online classroom tool teachers will ever use!