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Don’t miss the FED National Education Summit!

Today is the first day of the FED National Education Summit! This event takes place from 1-4 March and promises to bring together an international group of educators, business leaders and politicians.

Given the shakeup due to the pandemic, this year’s theme focuses on “Looking Back – Moving Forward,” viewing education through a long-term lens and highlighting key issues for the future.

We’re pleased to announce that our very own CEO, Al Kingsley, and the ICT Evangelist, Mark Anderson, will be speaking at this event!

  • Tuesday, 2nd March: 9.15am Keynote Speech: Charles Radman considers education beyond physical place. Followed by a live Q&A hosted by Al Kingsley.
  • Thursday, 4th March: 2.45pm Stateroom Chatter: Technology for the future? Al Kingsley discusses the future of technology with Mark Anderson, David Harkin, Matt Hood OBE and Bukky Yusuf.

Each day has a different theme:

  • Monday, 1st March: Building forward together
    How can we move beyond our immediate challenges to create a long-term successful future for our children and life-long learners?
  • Tuesday, 2nd March: Building place-based education for long-term renewal
    How can long-term place based strategies strengthen our communities?
  • Wednesday, 3rd March: Building a shared culture in our education system
    How do we ensure equity and trust become a catalyst for long-term success?
  • Thursday, 4th March: Building long term success into our education system
    How can we ensure education becomes the catalyst for social and economic renewal?