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NetSupport is delighted to have the ICT Evangelist review ReallySchool, our app and online portal for Early Years and Primary Schools to track progress, identify learning gaps, boost parental engagement and support the continuation of learning at home.

Discussing education in recent times, the ICT Evangelist says: “Already a superb tool to improve communication about a child’s progress at school with a parent/guardian, ReallySchool really came into its own during the lockdown. It wasn’t just the ability to easily share a child’s progress and other aspects of daily school life between the school and home, but other activities and content too. Using ReallySchool, teachers are able to send out remote learning activities such as video, photos, audio clips and notes on how to complete home learning activities. Equally, parents can use the platform to submit evidence of work undertaken and completed back to the teacher.”

He then goes on to say: “ReallySchool is a great tool to support teachers, families and children and is jam-packed with lots of simple to use, access and share, features which make it a seriously compelling offer for EYFS and Primary settings.”

To read the full review, click here.