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By Mark Anderson 

I’ll always remember a lesson that I joined once as a visiting speaker. I was Professor Toothless – a world-renowned Professor of Dragonology. It was such fun. The children had been studying myths and legends and came at me with a huge array of exciting questions to which I responded to give them ideas for their writing tasks.

Of course, there was a lot of planning behind the scenes. The idea and my volunteering came from a Twitter conversation (got to love your PLN!) with their class teacher, Colin Grimes (@MrGPrimary) and Claire Bracher (@cjabracher). Together, we did our planning and research and had everything that was needed to undertake the activity. After all, I wasn’t actually a dragon expert!

It was a huge success. The children loved it. All the technology worked and most importantly, their writing reflected the reading they’d done on the topic and the conversations we had.

The thing that made all of this possible was the use of some of the features that were available in the old version of Google Hangouts. In there, I was able to wear virtual eye patches and all sorts of relevant garb. Check this out:



The key thing that made this activity possible, however, was the background. Green screening has been a fantastic way to capture the imagination of all of us at the cinema and it has been used on many occasions to great effect to support teaching and learning too.

Whether your students are delivering a presentation from the location of their school visit, live commentating on events from history or describing a geographical landscape… There are so many ways we can use different backgrounds to help us tell a story or to show what we know.

To that end – and knowing how easy it is now to apply different backgrounds whilst presenting on popular video conferencing tools such as Teams, Zoom or Google Meet – we thought you’d love some of our NetSupport backgrounds to use in your meetings.

Taken from our latest artwork, we hope you find the various landscapes on offer an enjoyable and different backdrop for your meetings and activities on these platforms!

Download your backgrounds here.