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By Mark Anderson

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes.

That’s partially how I fell into supporting professional learning and sharing purposeful activities to support teaching and learning. The work I was doing; leading on whole school teaching and learning with technology, plus supporting colleagues in their use too, led me to supporting other schools, leaders and teachers.

My new role as Head of Education at NetSupport sees me undertaking lots of new activities. Ones that are firmly placed in this mindset of wanting to help and support teachers and leaders. I’m really pleased to be able to continue work in this way, capitalising on my knowledge and skillsets as a means of helping others.

With that in mind and my keenness to continue to share best practice when it comes to teaching and learning with technology, I have started a new ongoing series of sessions which we’ve titled ‘#TipTopTipsEdu’.

With this series, we will be creating a number of different short, sharp and snappy recordings, both for NetSupport Radio (complemented by resources, links and other interesting snippets in the show notes) and a #TipTopTipsEdu YouTube playlist.

The premise is simple, in each episode, we will share a few tip-top tips to help you in a wide variety of areas related to education. This could be teaching, learning, leadership, safeguarding, remote education, assessment – you name it, if it has impact in education, we’ll cover it.

We aim to keep it upbeat and lively with the shows featuring presentations from me, NetSupport colleagues (who will share their tip-top tips for using the NetSupport products) and conversations with people who are at the top of their game when it comes to thinking around teaching, learning, leadership and the use (or not) technology to support all of these.

Confirmed guests on the show already include:

  • Emma Turner – author of ‘Be More Toddler’ and ‘Flex’
  • Paul Tullock – Apple Distinguished Educator
  • Abdul Chohan – VP Learning at Showbie and Edtech Thought Leader
  • Dr Monica Burns – ClassTechTips creator, author, Apple Distinguished Educator
  • Andy Robertson – author and creator of taminggaming.com

Watch this space for more details!