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Words from David Clark-Bell, IT Manager at Mountford Pigott LLP.


Tell us a little about Mountford Pigott LLP…

We are a medium size architecture firm that designs creative solutions for commercial and retail, leisure and residential projects – and complete urban development schemes.

How has NetSupport DNA contributed to your organisation?

We have been using NetSupport DNA for over six years. We rely on this product to see trends in software faults and users’ errors. It gives us the tools to research the history of a machine remotely and quickly. We can review our spend on particular products and find out-of-date software installs that need to be removed.

What were some of the main IT challenges you faced before?

We had numerous challenges such as software vulnerability management, data loss prevention, ransomware attacks, phishing attacks and knowing where the attacks are coming from.

Did NetSupport DNA help you to meet those needs?

NetSupport DNA is a go-to-tool that is reviewed every day to give an indication of the working environment. When we find attacks on our endpoints, now, we can trace the timeline of events using NetSupport DNA, down to the precise minute before the attack. It gives us the ability to roll back the clock on a particular PC. Our best use of the DNA agent is Power Management and our power down schedules help us to be ISO140001 compliant.

What do other staff in the organisation think of NetSupport DNA?

It’s considered a protector of their online safety.

What is it like working with NetSupport?

The support engineers are very helpful and welcome the feedback from the end users.

Would you recommend NetSupport DNA?

Yes, I would recommend it.